LetsByteCode Headlines

Anonymous attacked Grand Prix, "Formula 1 in Canada - Hackers came out in support of students protesting against a s... http://ping.fm/G96Ai
Flame could exploit the vulnerability in WM Player - Security experts believe that Flame developers can use zero-day... http://ping.fm/WGmJK
McAfee: 17% of users are using unprotected computer systems - The greatest number of unprotected computers were repo... http://ht.ly/1k8XgY
Revealed details of total U.S. Internet monitoring - Special software records the Department of Homeland Security pu... http://ping.fm/yWPdD
New Bit.ly now Bitmark-ED - Good News!!!!!! New subtle yet classy look of bit.ly. As we already know that this is th... http://ping.fm/THt3Y
"Kaspersky Lab" published details of investigation of Flame virus attack http://ping.fm/cd7kL
Oracle has released a beta version of NetBeans 7.2 - Oracle on Friday released a beta version of its free software d... http://ping.fm/nHWSj
Hackers threaten new wave of anti-capitalist attacks - Newly formed hacker movement agitating # OpNewSon Internet us... http://ping.fm/C1WeD
Microsoft employees download pirated content with BitTorrent http://ping.fm/7tinD
"Kaspersky Lab" and the International Telecommunication Union have discovered a new kind of cyberweapon http://ping.fm/uadRO
For 11 months Google has removed about 2.5 million references to infringing Resources http://ping.fm/LfWP3
Researchers have created a TLS extension that can detect fake SSL-certificates http://ping.fm/egzpb
Blocked access to KickAssTorrents - According to the court, blocking access to the pirate sites will prevent crimina... http://ping.fm/tEaCa
Jailbreak Absinthe 2.0 for iOS 5.1.1 - Team Chronic-Dev Team and the iPhone Dev Team announced the release of new ve... http://ping.fm/ly1iF
Trusteer: hackers attack online-banking services in Germany - Hackers used a Trojan horse program that can change th... http://ping.fm/hWOLX
Hackers broke into accounts of Diablo III players - In the course of a successful attack on the servers of the game,... http://ping.fm/xhd2G
Polish sources CERT found fake P2P-traffic - A large number of sources of P2P-wheeled traffic are located in Russia,... http://ping.fm/HWPvn
ICANN: A group of Anonymous should be taken seriously - Vice President Jeff Moss, a hacker group called pretty dange... http://ping.fm/qd7Od
Apple has control over the domain iphone5.com - If you try to go at iphone5.com to users opens a blank page. Previou... http://ping.fm/cFNer
ISC: July 9, 300 thousand infected with DNS Changer computers will be disconnected from the Network http://ping.fm/qg2dI
Setup a Custom App with a Custom Tab Icon on Facebook Page - Setup a Custom App with a Custom Tab Icon using Woobox'... http://ping.fm/usVwT
Add a Custom Pinterest Tab on Facebook Page - Visit http://ping.fm/b4uf6  & click on Install Page T... http://ping.fm/VGDhw
Russian designers have come up with a killer P2P - Company Pirate Pay, which owns the technology to block P2P traffi... http://ping.fm/3w7JI
Trustwave: Hackers are actively exploiting a vulnerability in PHP http://ping.fm/Tc0Q3
Iranian banks were denied the right to communicate with foreign customers through e-mail http://ping.fm/iCfsy
Even Google has to install a security update - The experts of the Research Center PositiveResearch discovered and he... http://ping.fm/lPXZj
The Pentagon intends to expand cooperation with the private sector in the fight against cybercrime http://ping.fm/REtiM
Level 1- Error while creating AVD (Unable to find a userimg.data file for ABI armeabi) http://ping.fm/jfftU
Google Play has fake antivirus - Specialists have found 15 software products that offer "secure" mobile device. Expe... http://ping.fm/TTxaj
Members will pay for the Adobe security update - Removal of a critical vulnerability in Photoshop CS5 will cost $ 19... http://ping.fm/HTLpB
Panasonic has introduced technology to improve road safety http://ow.ly/1jB3JK
The decline in the supply touch panels will be the harbingers of the new iPhone http://ow.ly/1jB3JI
3D-media players Digma HDMP-650 and HDMP-651 with Android http://ow.ly/1jB3JJ
Motorola MOTOGO! with the QWERTY button and Google http://ow.ly/1jASvo
Mac OS Lion stores passwords in cleartext - After the February security update, the debugger log file that stores th... http://ping.fm/Mq3MZ
U.S. will fine Google for "hacking" Safari - The Federal Trade Commission intends to charge the company a fine of $ ... http://ping.fm/agfaF
Anonymous Hackers attacked Kremlin.Ru - Hackers in the group "Anonymous" have brought down this afternoon, the offic... http://ping.fm/FZnld
Trustwave has recorded a new set of exploits on the Web - A set of exploits Redkit uses all of the most well-known v... http://ping.fm/F9LFz
Lockheed Martin will lead the Pentagon Centre for Cybercrime http://ping.fm/gZASE
Syrian authorities are using viruses to fight with the opposition http://ping.fm/JKlF0
Emergency Security Patch for Adobe Flash Player - The vulnerability allows a remote user to compromise a vulnerable ... http://ping.fm/AnnO9
Programming languages ??are not subject to copyright - The Court concluded its hearings SAS Institute and decided th... http://ping.fm/54Rpp
Doctor Web: Android in the sights of new Trojans - Victims of new malicious programs are devices based on Android OS... http://ping.fm/TKmCr
PHP eliminated a vulnerability that existed since 2004 - The vulnerability allows to discover the source code and co... http://ping.fm/g7fHR