LetsByteCode Headlines

Linux Mint 12 offers familiar desktop - The project team is Linux Mint released a new version of their free Linux-as... http://ping.fm/AU7VI
More than a thousand messages, usernames and passwords from the UN leaked http://ping.fm/6DSY5
Police will not charge penalties from people watching internet porn http://ping.fm/mDbnU
Windows Phone 7 ported to Android - The operating system of Windows Phone 7 is the third largest mobile player after... http://ping.fm/O6jrK
Dangerous worm captures Facebook accounts for the spread of banking Trojan http://ping.fm/EfUxj
IPv6: time to act - If your strategy for IPv6 is that as long as possible to delay its implementation, you must stil... http://ping.fm/TL298
LG Optimus Smartphones have become the first in line for Android ICS http://ow.ly/1fUfKQ
LTE smartphone LG Nitro HD display with 720p http://ow.ly/1fUdoT
Samsung Wave 3 http://ow.ly/1fUdoU
Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphones updates to Android ICS in March http://ow.ly/1fUdoV
Pirated hard drive on display as a piece of art - The New York gallery is a work of "art" which consists of a portab... http://ping.fm/3ORz8
Three of the criminals in New York charged with skimming - In New York three people were charged by the fact that th... http://ping.fm/X4Qq1
Tens of millions of vulnerable HP LaserJet printers - Researchers from Columbia University seem (HP has not yet conf... http://ping.fm/al0px
The hacker was arrested on an interview for employment in the hotel, which he hacked http://ping.fm/sOTNX
Google Analytics a potential danger to anonymous bloggers - In a recent experiment blogger Andy Baio failed to disc... http://ping.fm/9ZqpC
Hackers stole money from clients AT & T and financed terrorist acts http://ping.fm/Qgiy8
40% of the organizations questioned the safety processes of recycling of old PCs http://ht.ly/1fSIJI
Antiviral quacks exaggerate fears about Android - Providers of security solutions behave as "charlatans and swindler... http://ping.fm/9BXRY
Phishing "change of address PayPal" is gaining momentum - PayPal users are once again under attack by messages alleg... http://ping.fm/03f0o
Businesses need to prepare for the worst in the development of security plans http://ping.fm/pkvaU
Out new maps for Gears of War 3 http://ow.ly/1fSp4I
GeForce GTX 550 Ti in a single-slot version of ELSA http://ow.ly/1fSp4L
Nokia: We present new models for Windows Phone in the first half of 2012 http://ow.ly/1fSp4K
"Light up" video card EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores Classified http://ow.ly/1fSp4J
HTC Ville - the thinnest smartphone HTC's official photo http://ow.ly/1fSp4M
Job Seekers Are Using Mobile - Infographic courtesy of Beyond. http://ping.fm/M3oJ5
Guide online registry Holland questioned the legality of blocking IP-addresses used by botnet DNS Changer http://ping.fm/ilm7l
Microsoft plans to again apply for Yahoo! - Microsoft is once again interested in buying a stake in Yahoo! Inc. and ... http://ping.fm/Zkn05
Apple iTV c Sharp displays appear in 2012? - According to analysts at Jefferies & Co., Collaboration between Apple a... http://ping.fm/mL14O
The largest DDoS attacks carried out in China and the U.S. - According to the company Prolexic, which develops solut... http://ping.fm/ktSva
WikiLeaks was awarded the "Australian Pulitzer" - Australian jury award "Uokli" (Walkley), also known as "Australia'... http://ping.fm/4u41B
Cisco and Telia have established an Internet connection at speeds of 120 Gbit/s http://ping.fm/sVIJN
13 million users were victims of Maple Story hacker attack - South Korean telecom regulator announced on Saturday th... http://ping.fm/Gq5W4
Bosnian attacker has collected a large number of illegal porn http://ping.fm/r7DFc
Software developer asks for forgiveness from a security researcher http://ping.fm/UpcjD
"Live" in the laboratory SecurityTube Metasploit Framework Expert http://ping.fm/2EFp5
Senator Joe Lieberman asked Google to create a button on Blogger labeling terrorists http://ping.fm/aM7gU
Linux users have lost interest in Ubuntu - Ubuntu operating system descended from the second to fourth place in the ...
Hacked e-mail of the mayor of Riga - Riga Mayor Nil Ushakov to the police to investigate the leak of his personal co...
XFBML Like Box - IFrames are Old School  Switch over to XFBML Scripts for a Like Box, it will get you more likes. ... http://ping.fm/6TbGR
Samsung Chromebook show-stopper this season http://ow.ly/1fPWgf
Bad Breath Test - Orabrush Tale http://ow.ly/1fPWge
iPad 3 will receive a new cost-effective high-resolution screen http://ping.fm/O2QPy
Acer and ASUS will release a 1080p ultrabook - As the resource DigiTimes, Acer Inc. and ASUStek Computer displays ar... http://ping.fm/31Oyd
Gold MacBook Pro laptop in St. Petersburg http://ping.fm/Hqwg8
Apache developers are trying to fix the vulnerability in the proxy http://ping.fm/wSZlA
Apple has captured pornographic domains - Apple now owns a number of new domain names that have the title word "iPho... http://ping.fm/rXYpm
WineLibrary.com hacked: leaked information about credit cards http://ping.fm/tPENX
False e-mails from the FBI - Emails sent by the department alleged FBI counter-terrorism, flooded recipients' mailbo... http://ping.fm/OP2E3
Mega Codec Pack and K-Lite Codec Pack 8.0: new codecs http://ow.ly/1fOWbb
The popularity of DC Universe Online continues to grow http://ow.ly/1fOWb8
Sandboxie 3.62: Work with applications in the "sandbox" http://ow.ly/1fOWbc
Chrono Trigger will be released on iOS http://ow.ly/1fOWba
YouTube has received support 1080p mode HTML5 http://ow.ly/1fOWb9
New version of Google Search is available for iPad owners - Google said that the process of searching the Internet t... http://ping.fm/A5wD0
Mobile phones of the future - Composite and flexible displays  The touch screen on the back  Imposition of controls ... http://ping.fm/rUQgv
Ups and downs of the IT industry from 16 to 22 November - What's new in the IT industry? IBM has attracted a very si... http://ping.fm/yg4L8
Are Tablet Buyers Taking Over Ecommerce? http://ping.fm/VSlTr
A History Of The Voice Over! http://ping.fm/ptsgf
12 most vulnerable smartphones - Bit9 has provided a list of the most vulnerable smartphones to date. Caught in a "b... http://ping.fm/lhUUk
FBI: No evidence that he was hacking the water supply system http://ping.fm/KOAJg
The world's first 10,1 "USB-monitor with capacitive" touch screen " http://ow.ly/1fNSK4
Fujitsu ARROWS μ F-07D: the thinnest smartphone in the world http://ow.ly/1fNSK8
Antec has added Eleven Hundred housing in line Gaming Series http://ow.ly/1fNSK5
VIA ARTiGO A1150: gather himself "in the palm of your PC" http://ow.ly/1fNSK6
Phishing attack dealt a blow to Microsoft Xbox Live gamers - Microsoft has warned of gamers, so they were careful wi... http://ping.fm/YxAXt
Law enforcement agencies are trying to deal with encrypted drive http://ping.fm/G705o
Installing Windows 8 will be easier - Windows 8 will be released in the second half of next year, probably in Septem... http://ping.fm/a7nCn
Data Leakage the main security threat - Consulting firm for information security Pure Hacking said that Australian ... http://ping.fm/N3pBr
Zscaler: social networks one of the major threats - Attacks with social networking sites, blended attacks on web br... http://ping.fm/6ZjaB
The most popular activities prohibited for administrator - Despite the fact that 74% of IT professionals already abu... http://ht.ly/1fNM7c
Remote Desktop Application:Techinline http://ow.ly/1fNxYU
Hackers attacked wireless subscribers AT & T - Hackers use automated scripts to attack wireless subscribers of AT & ... http://ping.fm/syuB6
U.S. Internet companies have opposed anti-piracy laws - In the U.S., several major Internet companies, including Goo... http://ping.fm/nXpgq
The number of malware samples exceed 75 million by 2012 - According to McAfee, the number of new malware samples exc... http://ping.fm/1JqtK
USB Cotton Candy: dual-core PC with Android for any screen - The Norwegian company FXI Technologies showed a prototy... http://ping.fm/d791W
Microsoft is preparing a new beta version of Security Essentials http://ping.fm/74jHw
Microsoft released a near-final version of SQL Server 2012 - Microsoft has made available to RC version of SQL Serve... http://ping.fm/2KIoB
Pakistanis banned from use in the framework of SMS-1,600 "bad" words http://ping.fm/qtvi4
Vodafone in Mumbai and New Delhi raided by the police - Police in India on Saturday raided the offices of the local ... http://ping.fm/d8yaH
The next generation of Microsoft Surface - Microsoft and Samsung have announced the development of next-generation t... http://ping.fm/UPBfB
Salaries of IT people in the U.S. in 2012 will grow by 4.5% - In the frequent attacks and the growing popularity of ... http://ht.ly/1fLAfK
Sort Order by Recent Date on Admin Panel, Opencart - Modify Sort Order by Recent Date for Products on Admin Panel, O... http://ping.fm/I0L0X
Russian hackers have destroyed equipment at the water company http://ping.fm/VqGAH
Pery bootkit for Windows 8 - Security researcher admitted that the virus has developed a new operating system, Windo... http://ping.fm/GmT1z
Review: Techinline Remote Desktop Application - Key Features: Reasonable pricing and ease of use are our top competi... http://ping.fm/jqo2g
Facebook improves service: Upload Photos - As the team Facebook, the popular social network to update the interface ... http://ping.fm/da6Vm
details about the new iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro http://ow.ly/1fKlDo
Monstrous plate Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Liquid is useful for developers http://ping.fm/gTH8E
SSD Plextor M3S offer SATA III and five-year warranty - If you still think that the SSD is necessarily expensive, y... http://ping.fm/sG084
How to combine work and personal data on your phone? http://ow.ly/1fKlDn
Android ICS ported to Samsung Galaxy S II and LG Optimus 3D - Just a few days have passed since the publication of s... http://ping.fm/bpADW
"The smallest computer in the world" Compulab fit-PC3 is available for sale http://ping.fm/32n1X
Melomania 1.89: a cataloguer to help music lovers http://ow.ly/1fJN1m
StatCounter: Firefox browser Chrome overtook http://ow.ly/1fJN1l
Switch to MySQL GUI database administration tool MySQL Workbench http://ping.fm/fekGp
In the beta version of Skype 5.7 introduced support for video calls on Facebook http://ow.ly/1fJN1k
System Information Viewer 4.23: everything you need to know about your PC http://ow.ly/1fJN1n
Image Border Radius CSS - Change the image border radius in CSS: Its simple to change the radius of an image in CSS... http://ping.fm/aw6WV
Acer upgraded Aspire S3 - The company Acer has decided to compete with the ultra-thin laptop MacBook Air from Apple... http://ping.fm/MyNsj
Dell and Lenovo laptops increased release plans for 2011 - Many laptop manufacturers, either in anticipation of Chri... http://ping.fm/YeusO
Archos Arnova 9 G2 budget Android-tablet from France - The French company Archos, known for its budget decisions, f... http://ping.fm/VTpEm
iPhone bypassed by the popularity of BlackBerry in the corporate segment http://ow.ly/1fJKwi
Lynx - inexpensive compact CPU-cooler from Prolimatech http://ow.ly/1fJKwj
Kingston released the fastest and most capacious USB flash drive with USB 3.0 http://ping.fm/sc1lf
Parents do not know that their 11-year-olds are not inferior to them in a computer literacy http://ping.fm/mAPwO
OpenSUSE 12.1 - OpenSUSE project today announced the release of the final version of Linux-distribution OpenSUSE 12. http://ping.fm/kdnwH
Amazon will also be releasing smartphones - Analysts at Citigroup cited the Asian sources that report that the retai... http://ping.fm/h6qXj
ESET notes the increase in threats aimed at stealing accounts in social networks http://ping.fm/x2j5S
ECS has announced two versions of monoblock PC G11 http://ow.ly/1fIgXy
Sparc64 IXfx: processor supercomputer from Fujitsu and LSI http://ow.ly/1fIgXz
Intel Celeron G460 can give an unusual amount of cache memory http://ow.ly/1fIgXA
Overclocked Core i7-3930K @ 4,6 GHz is installed in a PC game from Digital Storm http://ow.ly/1fIgXx
Root-access to Kindle Fire - Computer enthusiasts have been able to crack Kindle Fire, shipping which Amazon began o... http://ping.fm/4gfeh
Certificate stolen from the Government of Malaysia, was used to sign malware http://ping.fm/OygY1
BIND patch protects against a serious vulnerability - Internet Systems Consortium BIND advises users to upgrade to f... http://ping.fm/HnUX0
Santa Clara University's academic records hacked - University of Santa Clara (Santa Clara University), a private uni... http://ping.fm/rZaq1
Facebook promises to punish porn senders - Facebook had caught a torrent portal in the implementation of XSS-vulnera... http://ping.fm/mXIrY
Protocol flaw could paralyze Bitcoin system - Scientists say they have discovered a fundamental vulnerability in the... http://ping.fm/DjMut
Protecting the cloud: best practices from Verizon - While cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular, the need... http://ping.fm/iP4RN
Plan on How to make your Own E Commerce CMS - Firstly you should know what is a CMS in technical terms: A "'web cont... http://ping.fm/XIAPG
Older versions of Java with Security Threats - Java is well documented. Java was "responsible for between one-third ... http://ping.fm/b6uXP
Facebook hit hard porn virus - Facebook flooded with pictures depicting violence and porn images, spread over the ne... http://ping.fm/5wfkh
Fusion-io launches 10Tb SSD-drive servers - The company Fusion-io announced a new unit with a capacity of 10 terabyt... http://ping.fm/AlF7H
Windows 8 wants to make the procedure to install updates less painful http://ping.fm/OVM8A
Standard Do Not Track will be released soon - Internet standard that provides on-line privacy, to be released in the... http://ping.fm/i9Hrd
Samsung iPhone 4S let the Korean market http://ow.ly/1fFI7B
Photo of the Day: mysterious objects found in the Google Maps satellite Chinese desert http://ow.ly/1fFI7y
Siri may also appear on Android-Gadget http://ow.ly/1fFI7A
Grand Turismo 6 is in development http://ow.ly/1fFI7z
MyLanViewer 4.8.9: management LAN http://ow.ly/1fFI7x
Official: All Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphones in 2011 will be Android Ice Cream Sandwich http://ow.ly/1fFFvj
Intercepter-NG 0.9 - The new version greatly redesigned interface that automates network for attacks and a lot of ch... http://ping.fm/u4IYx
Google released source code for the new version of Android - Google has opened the source code of the last to date v... http://ping.fm/1Dzd5
Fingerprint scanner detects traces of drugs - Currently, in order to determine the person taking illegal substances ... http://ping.fm/ghXgy
Vint Cerf: no need to rewrite the entire Internet for security reasons http://ping.fm/6rk2e
7 web development trends 2011: Tools of progressive developers http://ping.fm/i96du
Anti-virus to fight the "worm" Duqu - Iranian experts have developed anti-virus, capable of withstanding computer "w... http://ping.fm/wFg9L
Google Music Store - We still have to know for sure what will be presented during the event, scheduled for November ... http://ping.fm/VqRml
Started deliveries of components for Apple MacBook Air 15 http://ow.ly/1fEQAe
Super Talent USB 3.0 Express ST4: USB flash drive with a 4-channel architecture http://ow.ly/1fEQAd
The official announcement of NVIDIA Maximus http://ow.ly/1fEQAg
Nintendo may use the second processor for 3DS games http://ow.ly/1fEQAc
Lenovo will release this year, a 10.1 "tablet Tegra 3 http://ow.ly/1fEQAf
DmC: Devil May Cry fans will test http://ow.ly/1fEOoG
Automatic Mouse and Keyboard automation of operations for PC http://ow.ly/1fEOoI
New update Dr.Web for Android http://ow.ly/1fEOoF
Face identification in the Galaxy Nexus unlock the smartphone photos http://ow.ly/1fEOoE
From digital download stores 250 000 copies of The Witcher 2 http://ow.ly/1fEOoH
DVD Slideshow Builder 6.1.5: Creating a slide show of photos http://ow.ly/1fELPT
Banned by Twitter? - Not always are we lucky. It may happen that one day our Twitter account will be blocked, for th... http://ping.fm/OmVFf
Mozilla launches beta version of Firefox 9 for desktops and on Android devices http://ping.fm/q4PJr
Con artists lure investors to bogus sites and promise to return money http://ping.fm/bQIPH
"Operation Disconnect Brotherhood": some sites put out by Anonymous http://ping.fm/K3Tpe
100% of companies reported cyber-attacks - Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, they are more difficult to const... http://ht.ly/1fEeos
Specialist risk management company stole confidential information http://ping.fm/PmHGI
Trends in global phishing and domain names - A new study by Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) has shown that the le... http://ping.fm/jVmfV
An employee found guilty of sale of the 65 000 participants in lottery http://ping.fm/ET1pW
Adobe SocialAnalytics determine the success of Facebook and Twitter http://ping.fm/lS03j
Apple has removed a bug in signature applications, which was a threat to iOS users http://ping.fm/oiUFP
Sony re-releases Jax & Daxter http://ow.ly/1fDBuF
REAPER 4.11: solution for working with digital sound - The new version of the application to work with sound REAPER.... http://ping.fm/08WrM
DVD Audio Extractor 6.1.1: Extract audio from DVD http://ow.ly/1fDzrs
Uninstall Tool 3.0 - The new version of Uninstall Tool. As an alternative to the standard Windows tool for installin... http://ping.fm/DjQzj
PC version of Trine 2 will be released December 6 http://ow.ly/1fDvzx
The new tablet eLocity A7 +-based Tegra 2 http://ow.ly/1fDb9x
Another record for AMD Bulldozer: DDR3 memory overclocked to 3311 MHz http://ow.ly/1fDb9v
Nissan showed a concept version of the third electric vehicle Pivo http://ow.ly/1fDb9w
Intel Processor Identification Utility 4.40: Identification of processors http://ping.fm/1nSEY
Powerchip will switch focus from DRAM to NAND http://ow.ly/1fDb9u
XFX has added to the lineup ProSeries three powerful power supply http://ow.ly/1fDb9y
Verzo announced a new Android-smartphone Verzo Kinzo http://ow.ly/1fD91L
Nano-SIM - even smaller and thinner Micro-SIM http://ow.ly/1fD91K
Future Design Laptop Rolltop 2.0 (New Version) - http://ping.fm/RZBbr http://ping.fm/BLrxi
November 18 - Home sales in the ASUS UX21 store Media Markt http://ow.ly/1fCqjQ
GeForce GTX 560 Ti with 448 CUDA cores released November 29 http://ow.ly/1fCqjR
For Call of Duty: Black Ops sold 20 million add-ons http://ow.ly/1fCqjS
Technology HP Photon lets you create 3D-screens of any size - HP continues to develop its efforts in the field of st... http://ping.fm/3gsTM
Windows 7 Manager 3.03: optimizer for "Seven" http://ow.ly/1fCofo
Newspaper with a system of augmented reality - Taiwan's United Daily News the company introduced the first printed e... http://ping.fm/JdqJ1
Unique Services for Nokia Windows Phone hacked and available to everyone http://ping.fm/nsKgw
Facebook acquired Strobe, HTML5 Application Platform http://ow.ly/1fCofp
Epson Moverio: transparent video glasses with 3D http://ow.ly/1fBxgl
WBA: By 2015, the number of public hotspots Wi-Fi will grow to 5.8 million http://ow.ly/1fBxgk
Enermax has released a new case and Fulmo Fulmo GT http://ow.ly/1fBxgn
120mm fan for VGA-cooler ARCTIC Accelero S1 PLUS http://ow.ly/1fBxgm
Two thin candybar PC from Packard Bell in Sandy Bridge chips http://ow.ly/1fBxgo
Dropbox 1.2.48 Safer http://ow.ly/1fBu4S
New Assassin's Creed will be released in 2012 http://ow.ly/1fBu4W
The popularity of World Of Warcraft falls http://ow.ly/1fBu4V
BioWare reinforces the protection of The Old Republic http://ow.ly/1fBu4T
Mass Effect 3 will equip Internet protection http://ow.ly/1fBu4U
Multiple XSS on Apple.com - Source: http://ping.fm/wE8dT http://ping.fm/SKpjZ
Adobe cut 750 jobs - Company Adobe Systems announced a restructuring in which it is assumed to reduce 750 jobs, main... http://ping.fm/OtExy
Hackers could steal Mitsubishi's data associated with nuclear industry http://ping.fm/DRPjz
Steam database hacked : Probably passwords and credit card stolen http://ping.fm/ub9ye
Processor AMD FX-8120 also won the 8 GHz http://ow.ly/1fAPCG
How to get into The Old Republic before anyone else? http://ow.ly/1fAPCJ
Shooter Rainbow Six Patriots will be close to the book http://ow.ly/1fAPCK
Amazon has bought a developer of speech recognition system Yap http://ow.ly/1fALcB
Nokia HumanForm http://ow.ly/1fALcA
HTC will release a white version of the Sensation XE http://ow.ly/1fALcz
NetBeans Platform 6.9: Working with Action - In this article we focus on "Global" Actions, that is, those that shoul... http://ping.fm/YFUlD
AMD is preparing the 2012 and 1070 chipsets 1090FX for AM3 + http://ow.ly/1fArtO
A new series of PSU PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III http://ow.ly/1fArtR
NetBeans Platform 6.9: Working with Window System - The requirements for window management have become quite complex... http://ping.fm/BasJw
Mad Catz has announced a mouse-transformer Cyborg MMO7 http://ow.ly/1fArtP
Members once again complaining about the BlackBerry services http://ow.ly/1fArtQ
FBI shuts down 'Ghost Click' botnet of 4m PCs as seven face charges http://ping.fm/b6To3
Passwords to data stored in the cloud are easy to detect using Google Code Search http://ping.fm/UiRnb
Patches: just a link in the security strategy - Annual reports on the investigation of breaches of Verizon repeatedl... http://ping.fm/HdH80
XDebug Debugger Netbeans Tutorial - You need to configure your PHP stack to use XDebug. The process differs if you ... http://ping.fm/uGfQs
Tweak-7 1.0.1125: tweaker for Windows 7 http://ow.ly/1fAo4O
Published the first beta version of Opera 11.60 http://ow.ly/1fAo4N
SSD-drives RunCore Kylin II will acquire SATA III interface http://ow.ly/1fyZg3
The new Xbox, code-named Loop will run on Windows 9? http://ow.ly/1fyZg5
For XFX technology with cooling Double Dissipation (DD) http://ow.ly/1fyZg4
Wepawet: a framework for the analysis of web-based threats - Wepawet - a framework for the analysis of Web-based thr... http://ping.fm/Fv3se
Mark Zuckerberg: Google + is a small version of Facebook - Executive Director of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said tha... http://ping.fm/pyCvn
Duqu was created by a team of highly professional programmers http://ping.fm/ffhfT
All-over-IP 2011: Intelligent Video 2.0 Conference - Forum All-over-IP 2011 is a conference Intelligent Video 2.0. E... http://ping.fm/2zZrl
RasterVect 17.7: convert images to vector http://ow.ly/1fyWdl
How to sync open tabs in Google Chrome - You can work with Google Chrome browser to work, come home and continue wit... http://ping.fm/sZiSc
DARPA will protect Internet - DARPA improves its strategy to protect the Internet and in connection with this budget... http://ping.fm/ToBkR
Microsoft has released the November update - Microsoft released four security bulletins in the new monthly update, i... http://ping.fm/vnbtW
Amazon will release a 8.9-inch successor to Kindle Fire http://ow.ly/1fyCby
iPhone 4S sold in Hong Kong in 10 minutes http://ow.ly/1fyCbx
Telefonica: Nokia smartphones are too expensive http://ow.ly/1fyCbz
PSYCHO: kaleidoscope of illusions - Often it's not what it seems or nostalgia for articles of Chris Kasperski. Even... http://ping.fm/T6jBr
Barnes & Noble has announced a 2-core tablet Nook Tablet http://ow.ly/1fyxfh
Verizon will start selling Motorola Droid RAZR 11.11.11 at 11:11 http://ping.fm/KEAoR
HTC is preparing a flagship smartphone HTC Edge with 4-core processor http://ping.fm/1K4aq
Barnes & Noble has announced a 2-core tablet Nook Tablet - Company Barnes & Noble has announced a new tablet / reade... http://ping.fm/KT3ir
Apple upgrades LED-backlit iPad 3 http://ow.ly/1fyv10
Panasonic announced the protected plates Toughpad A1 and B1 http://ow.ly/1fyv0Z
Siri ported to the iPhone 3GS - More : Voice assistant Siri has been ported to the iPhone 3GS. This feat was to make... http://ping.fm/sk2UQ
A vulnerability in the security iOS allows applications to perform malicious code http://ping.fm/ht3XZ
A vulnerability in the security iOS allows applications to perform malicious code http://ow.ly/1fyqE3
Spyware recreates the passwords on the image or reflection - When someone prints out text messages, emails, or enter... http://ping.fm/C9BV4
In pursuit of new technology companies forget about security http://ping.fm/ZeDRi
Failure in Juniper Network routers caused problems on the Web http://ping.fm/NcEqo
Vulnerabilities allow hackers to remotely open the prison cells http://ping.fm/TCfFu
Webinar: "Legends and myths of security VoIP" - Positive Technologies company introduces a new webinar on informatio... http://ping.fm/HZXwf
Norton Internet Security 2012 Release - Norton has recently launched its new security "2012 version which not only p... http://ping.fm/F6fHm
Sapphire PURE Black X79: another powerful card for Socket LGA2011 http://ow.ly/1fwTay
Intel and MIPS porting Android 4.0 to its chips http://ow.ly/1fwTaw
Officially announced Tablet PC NOOK Tablet http://ow.ly/1fwPNq
VirtualBox 4.1.6: virtual machine from Oracle - Published an updated version of the powerful tool for virtualization... http://ping.fm/2iLRx
EVGA graphics card for a couple of chips GF114 supports 3D Vision Surround http://ow.ly/1fwPNr
LG P330: 13,3 "notebook with ultra-thin IPS-panel - More : LG P330: 13,3 "notebook with ultra-thin IPS-panel http://ping.fm/CvHvw
Officially announced Tablet PC NOOK Tablet - More : Officially announced Tablet PC NOOK Tablet http://ping.fm/BxNvW
LG P330: 13,3 "notebook with ultra-thin IPS-panel http://ow.ly/1fwPNp
HTC called smartphones, which will be upgraded to Android Ice Cream Sandwich http://ow.ly/1fwMBo
The creators have moved Duqu command server in Belgium - According to researchers from the Security Symantec, hacker... http://ping.fm/eL2PN
SOCA plans to send to Moscow its agent - The Serious Organised Crime Agency ( SOCA ) supports the efforts of interna... http://ping.fm/DjhLa
Hackers avenge his brother, breaking his pay site - Pay a hacker website, where he was selling administrator access ... http://ping.fm/woeUA
In November Microsoft patches do not solve Duqu problems - In this month's "Patch Tuesday" will be out of a slimmed-... http://ping.fm/4Holo
Google tunes search to display more relevant results - Google ranking algorithm adjusts the output to a new and rele... http://ping.fm/QkpUL
Government sites are blocked after Israeli threats to Anonymous http://ping.fm/Whns2
Adidas sites have been hacked - Sites of Adidas were turned off at the weekend after a hacker attack.It is reported ... http://ping.fm/LUZxD
Hacked another SSL Certification Center - Another center has stopped production of SSL-certificates after the vulner... http://ping.fm/Kk1B8
The U.S. government accuses China and Russia of cyber espionage http://ping.fm/YXJQT
Microsoft offers a temporary solution to the problem of the critical Windows bug http://ping.fm/UArhj
CPU market according to IDC: Intel increased its lead over AMD http://ow.ly/1fvkpy
VIA Nano X2 board without active cooling, and with support for USB 3.0 http://ow.ly/1fvkpz
NAND-chips will be cheaper in November and December http://ow.ly/1fvkpA
XP is losing ground Windows 7 builds popularity - From August to September increase in the use of Windows 7 began t... http://ping.fm/UopNo
The concept of an infinite stick - More : The concept of an infinite stick http://ping.fm/Juaca
Thin and light Fujitsu LifeBook SH771 will emerge - More : Thin and light Fujitsu LifeBook SH771 will emerge http://ping.fm/3czbe
MSI Wind Top AP2011: candybar business-class http://ow.ly/1fv4dw
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