LetsByteCode Headlines

Japanese government commission investigating the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1 hacked http://ping.fm/AmajV
Large companies introduce a new system to protect against phishing attacks http://ping.fm/QNNPL
A vulnerability in sudo gives root access to the system - The vulnerability exists in the functional debugger, which... http://ping.fm/jyJce
Saudi hacker could break into the e-mail of Syrian President Bashar Assad http://ping.fm/m1xBm
British tourists denied entry to America for a message on Twitter http://ping.fm/ZtDtS
Russian hacker sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for breaking into WorldPay http://ping.fm/1AkGy
The victims of large-scale attack on the Android Market have at least 1 million users http://ping.fm/PbzoQ
The Pirate Party of Spain to Sue FBI - Representatives of the Pirate Party of Spain believe the U.S. FBI closing ser... http://ping.fm/IdX38
Data stored on Megaupload, can be removed on Thursday - Data users of the Internet resource Megaupload can be remove... http://ping.fm/tmG6G
Davos 2012: The companies should pay attention to the alarming increase in cyber attacks http://ping.fm/lZa9q
Sony introduced compact MP3-player Walkman B170 - Sony has introduced additions to the line of players, Walkman B Se... http://ping.fm/HlcBD
Headset Creative HN-900 with active noise cancellation - Creative Technology has introduced a new headset Creative H... http://ping.fm/dxJPV
Facebook accused Adscend Media for “clickjacking” - Members Facebook, by clicking on «like», gets on the page intrud... http://ping.fm/ZBtbd
Google on Friday updated the software Google Earth to version 6.2 http://ping.fm/SUPjz
FBI wants to monitor the social networks - The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation wants to monitor social networki... http://ping.fm/oY62N
Kim lost the first world ranking for Call of Duty: MW3 - Arrested founder of the site Megaupload Kim dotcom official... http://ping.fm/7Hm80
Facebook begins to plead with advertisers, spammers - Social network Facebook filed a lawsuit to a marketing company... http://ping.fm/G3oWb
Members are calling for a boycott of Twitter, a group of supporters of Anonymous Attacks ACTA http://ping.fm/FgX6h
Microsoft Xbox 720 will get Blu-ray drive - Become aware of all the new details about the Xbox console next generati... http://ping.fm/wfeb2
Chocolate smartphone Q-pot SH-04D - Sharp has introduced in Japan is unusual-looking smartphone Q-pot SH-04D it is ... http://ping.fm/sRseS
Wireless controller SVEN Combat for PC http://ow.ly/1gYFXp
Nintendo launches its own gaming service, and promises Wii U with NFC end of the year http://ow.ly/1gYFXt
Stereo sound Ritmix SP-2047 on sale http://ow.ly/1gYFXs
Gaming PC iRU Home 710 for gaming and entertainment http://ow.ly/1gYFXr
The new four-switch D-Link Powerline AV DHP-346AV http://ow.ly/1gYFXq
Trojan.Winlock.5490 threatens French users - The company "Doctor Web" reported the appearance of a new modification ... http://ping.fm/h7ngi
Biggest malware campaign on Android market - Symantec has reported the discovery of the largest malicious campaign a... http://ping.fm/F2bGD
Microsoft wants to integrate Kinect into laptops - Sources at Microsoft say that the software giant is working to fu... http://ping.fm/xcgqI
Twitter will selectively block content - Twitter has an opportunity to block certain content in certain countries. T... http://ping.fm/2EdBT
Imperva analyzed the attack on 40 different applications for the III quarter of 2011 http://ping.fm/7aDtP
A group of Israeli hackers broke a number of Iranian sites - Agency France Presse reported new attacks a group of Is... http://ping.fm/2Nqfl
Oracle provides centralized standardization of Java - Oracle Corporation proposes to change the rules of a committee... http://ping.fm/fxuWW
Hackers exploit Windows Media Player vulnerability to the spread of viruses http://ping.fm/UgtaD
HeadHunter: IT-specialists remain in high demand in 2012 - In the top three occupations with the highest potential o... http://ping.fm/PitTW
The court decided to release two staff of Megaupload on bail http://ping.fm/byDCP
DSecRG: Multiple vulnerabilities exist in the controllers and SCADA-systems http://ping.fm/kkQE5
The government will make concessions Irish opponents SOPA - According to officials, this step was taken in connectio... http://ping.fm/oeUhC
In Poland, held a protest against the anti-piracy agreement ACTA http://ping.fm/5L0wd
Hacker selling international telephone connection - Because of the attacker's actions from the state budget annually... http://ping.fm/je9yo
In the analog network has a MegaUpload - The administration expressed support for the hosting Anonymous, but denies ... http://ping.fm/bcgFu
The new version of the Trojan Carberp aimed at users of French Internet service provider http://ping.fm/MgKYd
Former head of the U.S. National Security Agency: Russia and China use cyberweapons to steal technological secrets m... http://ping.fm/GQcaH
Scientists have taught computers to recognize people for shoes http://ping.fm/9xpi2
Anonymous attacked the Irish Government Websites - Anonymous attacked the websites of Ministry of Justice and Minist... http://ping.fm/JqR72
Cisco introduced a report on cyber threats for the fourth quarter of 2011 http://ping.fm/iF6yR
Spam disrupted German Parliament - Employee of the office of deputy party "Green" by mistake, sent a letter to 4000 ... http://ping.fm/E8RiC
American experts have developed a new authentication technology http://ping.fm/3THZD
Citrix published a report above expectations, SanDisk worse http://ping.fm/5V1L6
Red Hat releases a new version of Enterprise MRG - Red Hat has continued to update its line of enterprise software w... http://ping.fm/1Ig9Q
MTS reduces the cost of the first month of unlimited internet "BIT" http://ow.ly/1gVBTP
Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced http://ow.ly/1gVBTN
BMW and Volvo have experienced "automatic pilots" on the roads http://ow.ly/1gVBTQ
New features of Windows 8 to work with wireless networks http://ow.ly/1gVBTM
NOKIA LUMIA 800 - Specifications http://ow.ly/1gVBTO
Buick Excelle was the best-selling passenger car in China http://ow.ly/1gVyz7
BMW is working on "smart fabric". 31 photos http://ow.ly/1gVyz8
Scammers earn thousands of dollars to "pay the archives" - Dr.Web company reported that the market spread paid archi... http://ping.fm/BE3gg
The company announced the release of Codenomicon Fuzz-O-Matic http://ping.fm/nZl25
Pwn2Own hacking contest at the 2012 main prize money of $ 60 000 http://ping.fm/LzuP3
Microsoft: Founder of botnets Kelihos worked Agnitum - Microsoft officials have filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Cou... http://ping.fm/cZM0j
Anonymous will not attack Facebook January 28, 2012 - Anonymous call video of their intention to attack Facebook «li... http://ping.fm/xLbhN
Joomla Content Management System received the support of MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL http://ping.fm/vgvGX
Megaupload refused bail - New Zealand Court today dismissed the bail for file-sharing project organizer Kim Megauplo... http://ping.fm/j2Dvh
In the iPhone App Store found a fake app Camera + - Experts are not determined whether the application contains mali... http://ping.fm/NpQcJ
U.S. senator account on Twitter hacked - Activists opposed to SOPA, promoted the protest on behalf of the policy. Re... http://ping.fm/cZROf
Videoconferencing systems are not immune to hacker attacks - Hacker HD Moore spoke about the security flaws that aff... http://ping.fm/kZVgY
Hacker Hannibal laid out in the open access data 100 000 Arab Facebook users http://ping.fm/TVeh3
Engineers from Facebook and Twitter called Google "focus on the user" http://ping.fm/ynMvb
Google: more information about the issue of "unreliable" sites http://ping.fm/hOI7v
Google treats punctuation marks as search terms - As reported in the pages of unofficial blog Google Operatin System... http://ping.fm/BccDK
FileSonic closed the distribution files, Uploaded.to not let Americans http://ping.fm/6rw2k
Trojan Citadel for buyers frustrated Zeus - In some hacker forums Zeus Trojan buyers have expressed extreme dissati... http://ping.fm/LxjaW
Jailbreak for Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S under iOS 5.0.1 - The hacker group Chronic Dev Team released an update tool... http://ping.fm/oZeFY
DreamHost compromised, all passwords are asked to change - Another victim of hackers has become a major American hos... http://ping.fm/ITAfz
The administration of the airport in Dusseldorf closed gaps in security http://ping.fm/M2Bki
22 years since the first lawsuit over computer fraud for hacking http://ping.fm/DrDnn
Mozilla implements secure logging service BrowserID - or the first time BrowserID was released in July 2011 as an ex... http://ping.fm/Xg1wx
Poland's government websites are blocked after threats Anonymous http://ping.fm/tmYK9
Internet is doubling in volume every year - A group of Chinese researchers analyzed the growth rate passed on the Wo... http://ping.fm/kCXgB
MegaUpload seeks bail - The founder and head of a private file-sharing project Megaupload.com Kim dotcom today appea... http://ping.fm/KwKew
In the case of Megaupload arrested German and Estonian - In Europe, arrested two men declared wanted in connection w... http://ping.fm/vDOHk
Hong Kong authorities froze the assets of Megaupload.com - Authorities in Hong Kong today announced that at the requ... http://ping.fm/uug46
RapidShare: we do not look like no Megaupload - Internet portal RapidShare says not to worry for their future in lig... http://ping.fm/K1WHO
Anonymous launched an attack on government and anti-piracy sites http://ping.fm/Yuz9O
New Zealand Police arrest head gives details on Megaupload - New Zealand media on Saturday released details of the a... http://ping.fm/7yxfO
The most expensive domain name in 2011 - Internet has long been entrenched in our lives. Now, without a site can not... http://ping.fm/KX9Y7
Samsung has launched a new eMCP-chip for smartphones - The South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced the la... http://ping.fm/zWfqZ
For the U.S. Army developed an innovative launch of invisibility http://ping.fm/NWjzX
Number of users of Google + reached 90 million - Google summed up the results for the fourth quarter of 2011 and all... http://ping.fm/bSIeo
Gaming mouse Ballista MK-I of the Shogun Bros. aimed at fans of shooters http://ping.fm/ZNsEV
Barebone Kit Gigabyte GB-AEDTK allows you to build a 21.5-inch "all-in-one" PC http://ping.fm/s69fa
NETGEAR Powerline XAVB5101 and Wi-Fi adapter WNCE4004 for videos and games http://ping.fm/xKUMb
Internet for the first time in the U.S. will overtake print media for advertising revenue http://ping.fm/knpJF
Google announces support WebRTC in dev-version of Chrome - plans to integrate Google support open-source technology ... http://ping.fm/4hpUR
Anonymous attacked the website of the President of France - Hacker group Anonymous has made ??an attack on the offic... http://ping.fm/FSbqg
Google shares fell 10 percent during the evening session - Google shares fell 10 percent during the evening session ... http://ping.fm/n8P1C
Windows 8 will receive advanced networking capabilities Microsoft http://ping.fm/zkhMW
PayPal comes in and starts to accept online payments at supermarkets http://ping.fm/DjcVu
Google closes a number of older Internet services - Google has closed some of its old service, which is not popular ... http://ping.fm/THLyw
Blizzard may again postpone Diablo 3 http://ow.ly/1gQqPO
New firmware allows you to manage Galaxy Note with one hand - Samsung has started to spread in Europe, the new firmw... http://ping.fm/CXpaQ
Acer Iconia Tab A200 for $ 350 - In the U.S., visit Best Buy appeared tablet Acer Iconia Tab A200 , equipped with a ... http://ping.fm/JNI59
Buyer's Guide to choose a phone for $100-200 - What people want from a mobile phone? For some it is simply a means o... http://ping.fm/2g307
Google punish sites with lots of advertising - Google has announced its intention to punish sites that are placed in... http://ping.fm/Obpr4
U.S. Senate to defer the consideration of controversial bills SOPA and PIPA http://ping.fm/7vErO
Indian software exporter Wipro showed strong quarterly report http://ping.fm/OtTXc
The Royal Pingdom: in 2011 the number of Internet users was 2.1 billion http://ping.fm/DaV59
Ultrafast cooling of beer the best innovation at CES - One of the most bizarre, yet interesting and new products at... http://ping.fm/5CtjQ
Community social network Facebook have become victims of Trojan Carberp http://ping.fm/bSIV4
The FBI intends to help Azerbaijan to investigate cyber attacks on websites of the State http://ping.fm/oh4Sj
IPv6 will become the new Internet standard in June - Currently, most Internet users around the world use the fourth ... http://ping.fm/7Ugyg
Megaupload file-sharing project is closed, the owners arrested http://ping.fm/8obhi
Analysts: in 2012, Apple will sell at least 48 million iPad - According to analysts of the company's Sterne Agee, in... http://ping.fm/DOg6U
In Japan cyber criminals extort money from users to unlock computers http://ping.fm/LzvGO
Linux Foundation: in 2011 the popularity of Linux as a whole increased http://ping.fm/vme1w
Romanian hacker sentenced to three years probation for hacking into NASA servers http://ping.fm/VAMR4
Spammers have started to return from Christmas holidays "Kaspersky Lab" http://ping.fm/ypE82
Programmer stole the source code of banking software of Federal Reserve Bank of New York http://ping.fm/9Khmb
Crawl your style with CrawlFashion - CrawlFashion is a subsidiary of LetsByteCode Inc. specialized in fashion search... http://ping.fm/LMc3b
Sony introduced its first USB 3.0 flash drive - Sony has revealed its first USB flash drive USB 3.0 Micro Vault MAC... http://ping.fm/nLmLq
Activists 'Pirate Party' picketed the U.S. embassy - Activists unregistered "Pirate Party" held pickets at the U.S. ... http://ping.fm/eSmG8
Gmail will be protected from "keyloggers" - The company Google is testing a new way to log in to mail service Gmail.... http://ping.fm/3ZvmG
Hackers from Azerbaijan to Iran retaliated for cyber-attacks http://ping.fm/wNEKn
Zuckerberg pledged to resist SOPA and PIPA by all means - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg expressed his views on th... http://ping.fm/xIUNj
EA will release a demo version of Syndicate in late January http://ow.ly/1gNLCH
Blog hosting LiveJournal suffered another DDoS-attack aimed at the blog of Alexei Navalny. http://ping.fm/TgUq1
Google fixed a bug in the payment system Checkout - Google reported a vulnerability in its payment system, Checkout,... http://ping.fm/ou6fH
Spammers use a hole in the McAfee Endpoint Protection - Antivirus, McAfee is investigating problems with its SaaS-se... http://ping.fm/kToSA
Google changed its main page in protest against censorship - Today January 18, a day of global protest against U.S.... http://ping.fm/961Jf
WORDPRESS.ORG PROTESTS THE PROTECT IP ACT - http://ping.fm/osnMH PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight f... http://ping.fm/7Oxc2
Google has developed a new method for secure authentication - The new technology uses a mobile device as a login ID ... http://ping.fm/tGCSt
Microsoft introduced a new generation of file system - The file system ReFS is to improve the reliability and storag... http://ping.fm/nrHhc
Wikipedia closes on Wednesday in protest against the bill in the U.S. http://ping.fm/AirmE
Samsung does not need to RIM and the BlackBerry - Amid rumors that RIM is in talks to sell its own with Samsung, a C... http://ping.fm/Z46Jd
Asus unveiled a new hybrid server platform - Asus has announced a new server platform, Asus RS924A-E6, which is exec... http://ping.fm/eyk7M
Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Ice Cream Sandwich - This time the company «Google» left alone with toys and «Samsung» provide... http://ping.fm/Jmrxv
In Singapore, the iPhone 4S cook without a camera - Singapore is renowned for its harsh, but fair laws. In particula... http://ping.fm/MwWtJ
Hackers are going to publish source code for Norton Antivirus from Symantec http://ping.fm/eoIfu
"Wikipedia" shut in protest against SOPA and PIPA - "Wikipedia" will stop their work for 24 hours in protest against... http://ping.fm/PRJs6
German blogger revealed a group of Russian cybercriminals - In Germany, the group opened Russian cyber-criminals who... http://ping.fm/lWg7K
0xOmar conducted DDoS-attack on the website of the stock exchange in Tel Aviv http://ping.fm/QjXkd
Customer data GAME, published on Pastebin, proved to be false. http://ping.fm/8m8MO
Will make changes in SOPA - Document will be excluded from the provision that American ISPs and search engines are r... http://ping.fm/CpQfC
Members tablets based on Windows 8 will not work with Linux - One of the new aspects of the operating system, Window... http://ping.fm/j9KjI
Australia provides a national service of cybersecurity - The Australian Government as part of the national strategy ... http://ping.fm/IoUti
Samsung Launches 46-inch transparent LCD panels - Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of mass production ... http://ping.fm/7zqbV
Apple this week presents new developments associated with the iBook http://ping.fm/jRXRm
Wikipedia plans to close the day at English-language section http://ping.fm/zVDEW
Microsoft will feed on the threat of botnets - Microsoft will collect and disseminate data about the current botnet ... http://ping.fm/L3Kwf
Apple has removed the vulnerability in iOS 5.1 Beta 3, used to jailbreak decoupled http://ping.fm/TAQzp
New plugin Firefox will bypass SOPA - Plugin for Firefox allows users to visit web-sites that are blocked by SOPA. M... http://ping.fm/PUSFQ
The Chinese have created a Trojan horse to attack the smart card of U.S. agencies http://ping.fm/iAgav
A vulnerability in RIM Playbook OS allows hackers to steal user data http://ping.fm/8C6LE
Porsche 918 Spyder: new details http://ow.ly/1gK7eA
Rumors: THQ canceled the release of all the games in 2014 and is preparing to sell http://ow.ly/1gJZnq
Samsung bada unite with the mobile OS Tizen - Samsung has announced its intention to consolidate its mobile platform... http://ping.fm/cBh8H
Zappos.com client database hacked - The largest U.S. online seller of branded shoe company Zappos.com on Sunday nigh... http://ping.fm/6X5jF
iPhone 5 will be released in the fall and get more slim - According to analysts, bank Morgan Stanley, a new version ... http://ping.fm/EgeW1
Detroit Auto Show: Acura ILX car debut in 2013 http://ow.ly/1gJgE6
Visa has given the green light NFC-payment - The payment system Visa approved NFC-smartphone Samsung Galaxy S II , L... http://ping.fm/6qJGd
Beetel Magiq Glide: 7-inch tablet from India - The company announced in India Beetel tablet called Magiq Glide, runn... http://ping.fm/yqWda
Audi 8 equipped with an autopilot? http://ow.ly/1gJgE5
Volkswagen Jetta made from hybrid http://ow.ly/1gJgE3
Toyota Prius Hybrid has updated http://ow.ly/1gJgE4
A Taste of JavaFX Script - The best way to get the flavor of JavaFX Script is to see some examples! Don't worry if s... http://ping.fm/t6mbb
Samsung buys Sony's entire stake in LCD joint venture - Samsung Electronics has agreed to buy out Sony's entire stak... http://ping.fm/OeB7v
Creating a JavaFX-Enabled Java Platform - NetBeans IDE requires the JavaFX 2.0 platform for Java-enabled to use Java... http://ping.fm/XSpZz
Setting Up NetBeans IDE With JavaFX 2.0 - JavaFX is a powerful Java-interface platform capable of handling large-sca... http://ping.fm/9wizG
Announced a Collector's Edition Ninja Gaiden 3 http://ow.ly/1gJ8fK
In the upcoming Tuesday Oracle has released patches for 78 of its software http://ping.fm/m5EXJ
New Trojan harvests information about smart cards, U.S. Department of Defense http://ping.fm/6jT9W
Microsoft has acknowledged a bug in Skype after more than three months http://ping.fm/rx2ys
New wireless technology WiGig promises ultra-fast data transfer http://ping.fm/j1mqf
Released browser version Cut the Rope http://ow.ly/1gJ8fJ
Manufacturer of antivirus AVG Technologies is applying for IPO http://ping.fm/lPkP6
PHP fork - Last June 8, Robert Eisele launched a new forked PHP version that he derived from PHP 5.3.6. It is t http://ping.fm/pzyL7
What is Phalanger? - Phalanger is an open source project, which is a PHP compiler that can generate.NET assembly tha... http://ping.fm/ZF7Eh
The game is not in "Wikipedia" - Device with a strange name WikiPad has no relation to the world famous "Wikipedia".... http://ping.fm/Ynd3n
Knife in the terabyte - The company Victorinox, maker of famous Swiss knife, showed a new folding knife, in which am... http://ping.fm/zAWd9
Facebook has allowed "listening" music with friends - Social network Facebook announced launched in September 2011 S... http://ping.fm/jDARX
Gobandit with Wi-Fi - The new camcorder for sports extreme Gobandit Live will go on sale March 1. The company Goban... http://ping.fm/oocA1
India threatens to block access to Facebook and Google - Indian court announced the possible closure of access to Fa... http://ping.fm/HS3Lp
Apple creates a 3D-interface for iPhone and iPad - In the future, desktop mobile operating system, Apple iOS can tur... http://ping.fm/W8z7b
TV LG EM9600 was named the best device at CES 2012 - Revision CNET has determined the best device on the Consumer El... http://ping.fm/FulGP
How to block users from your facebook profile? http://ping.fm/yEg9l
Organizing Committee of Olympic Games in 2012 banned the use of Facebook and Twitter by volunteers http://ping.fm/l5p0p
ThreatMetrix acquired Australian software developer for the prevention of cyber attacks http://ping.fm/AliN4
The number of Chinese Internet users has exceeded half a billion http://ping.fm/hPUmK
0xOmar called "Arab-Islamic hackers' to begin cyber attacks against Israel http://ping.fm/hmjVe
p0f returns - At last! After a long absence to indecency updates (so long that no one and no hope) a new version o http://ping.fm/6IDTP
Using PHP-GTK to serve Web Applications to HTML 5 Browsers - GTK + is a library of components for creating user inte... http://ping.fm/57GJU
Protect your PHP installation with the Suhosin extension - In 2004, Stefan Esser, a security especialist that was re... http://ping.fm/i46iK
PHP-GTK applications served over the Web - Run PHP-GTK applications, and serve them over the Internet, really, reall... http://ping.fm/HUTaS
What is PHP-GTK? - PHP-GTK is an extension of PHP to set up in 2001 he Zmievski, allowing you to usePHP to run appli... http://ping.fm/5WY4E
Huawei launched the world's thinnest smartphone - The thinnest smartphone in the world from Huawei equipped with a 2... http://ping.fm/tPN1Y
First look at the smartphone Fujitsu Arrows Kiss F-03D - "Women's smartphone on Android» is as rare a thing in fact... http://ping.fm/sZhde
Network security scanner XSpider 7.8 received a certificate of conformity FSTEC Russia http://ping.fm/lEVH8
First version of Computrace for Android Tablet - Developers from Absolute Software announced the release of anti-the... http://ping.fm/5ytlD
What is the Hash Collision Vulnerability? - Arrays are very popular types of data in PHP and other scripting languag... http://ping.fm/APRyr
Bulgaria has closed two major torrent tracker - Police conducted a special operation in Bulgaria in Pernik, Sofia Go... http://ping.fm/LOLam
Mobile devices will become a new means of authentication - Company representatives presented the new Entrust authent... http://ping.fm/sl7ok
Cyber attacks pose a real threat to the stability of world economy http://ping.fm/NT4yq
U.S. nuclear power plant managers had fun on the Internet during working hours http://ping.fm/IKP4w
Facebook refuses to answer questions about the spying on users http://ping.fm/ix0TP
Symantec accused of fraud - The client company announced that Symantec uses fraudulent methods to force users to buy... http://ping.fm/JSAkF
GSC World continue to work on STALKER 2 http://ow.ly/1gGimi
The number of Facebook users will reach one billion in August http://ping.fm/zW0ID
The British retailer has let slip about the new Medal of Honor and Need for Speed http://ow.ly/1gGdZd
Is email dead? http://ping.fm/nQ4Xx
HP introduces ultrabook glass - HP coated glass cover almost all Gorilla Glass surface ultrabook called HP Envy 14 S... http://ping.fm/uZXY2
Spammers send out a letter on behalf of US-CERT - Specialists US-CERT issued a warning about a wave of spam emails a... http://ping.fm/t58F6
Adobe removed six critical vulnerabilities for Reader and Acrobat http://ping.fm/GIStN
Windows 8 will be presented to update feature and reset system http://ping.fm/x13w1
Anonymous hackers have carried out DDoS-attack on anti-piracy resources http://ping.fm/O5lWc
Common vulnerabilities of banking systems - Logical errors in the bank transfer, allow an attacker to change the $ 1... http://ping.fm/B4zPD
Developers have released Linux Ubuntu operating system for TV http://ping.fm/0mc6j
False application for Android offers hidden activation function devices http://ping.fm/u36gw
Religious portal hacked - The contents of popular web-resource was deleted. According to the information resource "I... http://ping.fm/otdHT
Apple and RIM did not provide the Indian government access to data of smartphone users http://ping.fm/kiJCR
Internet experts will testify against SOPA in Congresses - January 18, 2012 in the U.S. Congress will vote on the ad... http://ping.fm/U8lwX
A hacker under the alias TehWongZ, was rebuked for hypocrisy http://ping.fm/laGWd
OCPJP & OCAJP: Java7 training for Oracle Certified Professional Programmer dropped http://ping.fm/LP0UZ
Java SE 7u2 update - This release includes performance improvements, bug fixes, support for Solaris 11, and Firefox ... http://ping.fm/PF6rB
What is an Application Server? - Historically, when an enterprise Java developer talked about deploying an applicati... http://ping.fm/pWv9x
Difference between GlassFish Open Source and Commercial Editions http://ping.fm/38Sr6
Mobile Java: OJWC 3.1 released - With more than 3 billion and counting devices, Java on mobile devices is experienci... http://ping.fm/z6wCU
Effective E-Commerce Design Plan - An effective e-commerce website that will help you meet your business objectives.... http://ping.fm/GJLfh
Google will pay 65 thousand dollars a French insurance company http://ping.fm/MvqQb
Israeli Foreign Minister compared hackers with a terrorist act http://ping.fm/p9Awt
Stolen from Stratfor information included data 242 members of NATO http://ping.fm/Csc0N
Microsoft today will eliminate eight vulnerabilities - Microsoft released seven security bulletins, which will ustre... http://ping.fm/R47Rr
Anonymous hacked Sony web-site for supporting SOPA - According to Cyber ??War News, a hacker group associated with A... http://ping.fm/oB8rw
On Guard for wine - The company began selling Franmara most useful holiday accessory plug-safe for a variety of alc... http://ping.fm/uyHi4
Motorola will show at CES 2012 wireless charger - On the eve of Motorola has issued a video in which there is a hint... http://ping.fm/vuJrf
Two screens for the camera - Samsung introduced a digital camera class "brought-shot" in a design which uses two liq... http://ping.fm/xlRDn
Google could start issuing processors - Google can learn from Apple and start producing mobile CPUs under its own tr... http://ping.fm/V9Tgq
100-core processor for Android-tablet - A subsidiary of Creative Technology introduced a 100-core processor that all... http://ping.fm/DyzH7
Microsoft: Apple has forced us to make Windows Phone - Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore and the head of a division of WP-Te... http://ping.fm/pEvok
The founder of the anti-virus company F-Secure may lead Nokia http://ping.fm/uSYiL
Analysts: in 2012 for consumer electronics will spend a trillion dollars http://ping.fm/16Dgb
American students will build robots from Kinect - In April, the U.S. held the championship FIRST, in which students ... http://ping.fm/46V63
CES 2012: Lenovo shows a new Smart TV, tablets and smartphones http://ping.fm/VvKTo
CES 2012: Acer shows new ultrabook Aspire S5 - Taiwanese manufacturer Acer notebooks today at CES announced the new ... http://ping.fm/i1f5m
Top 10 notebooks in 2011 - The last year of the notebook market was marked by Intel. The American manufacturer has s... http://ping.fm/UzCwK
Web site selling Olympics tickets in London, "collapsed" under the pressure of large numbers of visitors http://ping.fm/yc4Ip
Chrome browser will filter download of malicious files - After nine months of testing, the upcoming version of Googl... http://ping.fm/69mRm
Jailbreak for iPhone 4S may appear on next week - Jailbreak for Apple iPhone 4S smartphones can appear as early as n... http://ping.fm/5LkkX
Nanotechnology in Italy, France and America are working on a computer of cotton http://ping.fm/8auaz
8 Reasons Why Bad Web Design Decisions Get Made - Sometimes when I'm struggling to complete a task on a website (or ... http://ping.fm/fDPke
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