LetsByteCode Headlines

Microsoft revealed details of the backup service in Windows Server 8 http://ping.fm/Lstuc
The first flexible E-Ink displays - LG is the world's first mass-producer to begin flexible "electronic paper" disp... http://ping.fm/Bt8Rm
Red Hat has earned a billion dollars - In the free software market you can make big money. The undisputed leader in ... http://ping.fm/NaQ2Q
Add Model Code in Related Product Search in Administration, Opencart http://ping.fm/JWNw9
Java-exploit added to Blackhole Kit - On hacking forums, there was "good news", which added a new set of powerful Bl... http://ping.fm/eajPX
Trojan MacControl found in Word documents - The company's specialists AlienVault found a Trojan that spreads from MS... http://ping.fm/5PAkR
Please do not take down the Sality botnet - "The last couple of days I spent on the study of botnet Sality, which co... http://ping.fm/4n79I
Animated GIFs with 3D effect - American artist and designer Dane Fagerholm (Dain Fagerholm) has mastered a new area ... http://ping.fm/u3eOp
Symantec: Users need money for subscription to a rogue antivirus Windows Risk Minimizer http://ping.fm/1r73q
Microsoft defused another botnet - Armed with a court order, the corporation held a series of raids. Employees of Mi... http://ping.fm/fDCbj
Hacker tools designed for DoS-attacks using UDP-protocol - Hacker and an expert in computer security, who uses an al... http://ping.fm/rt6kJ
Flat Rate Plus Free Shipping Extension, Opencart - This is a pretty cool extension if you are looking out for an off... http://ping.fm/vUWsH
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of bytes exhausted, Opencart http://ping.fm/EtpgH
AutoSEO on opencart : deadcow_SEO - DeadCow SEO is the best auto-seo extension that I have come across. It generates... http://ping.fm/fDKEY
Comparative performance tests of Windows 7 and Windows 8 - PCWorld magazine has published the results of performance... http://ping.fm/VboEI
Banking Trojans Cridex/Dapato infects through WordPress-site http://ping.fm/DsMZH
Cost of 25 petabytes of storage files of Megaupload is $9,000 a day http://ping.fm/Ms5oh
Commodore AMIGA mini chip offers Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM and Blu-ray in a compact package http://ping.fm/H8jQy
AMD Opteron 3200 chips for web hosting - AMD has introduced a new platform designed to create a server for web hosti... http://ping.fm/xvwIv
New iPhone may get a screen with a diagonal of 4.6 inches - New details become known about the next generation iPhon... http://ping.fm/odYYl
Intel canceled the 3.4-watt output of the controller Thunderbolt Cactus Ridge http://ow.ly/1ifK7n
Intel introduced a family of television systems on a chip Atom CE5300 http://ow.ly/1ifK7o
Nokia will dismiss thousands of workers of the plant in Finland http://ow.ly/1ifK7p
Google removed six critical vulnerabilities in Chrome - Google has released an update to Chrome 17.0.963.83, which e... http://ping.fm/55PKv
Firefox will encrypt Google search by default - This innovation allows users to protect themselves from attack by th... http://ping.fm/hiaQQ
Georbot stole classified documents and made audio and video with web-cameras http://ping.fm/ql9Qg
Sites of the largest banks are dangerous to users - Researchers discovered the vulnerability of sites in VTB24, Home... http://ping.fm/gNi0g
First look at ASUS PadFone: Why embedded smartphone into a tablet? http://ping.fm/MswGW
Cybercriminals use fake Google Play to spread malware - On the fake website Google Play mobile applications offer us... http://ping.fm/5iCRj
The new version of the Linux kernel contains code to mobile OS Android http://ping.fm/tVrhg
The Court of India dismissed the case against Microsoft - The lawyer said Microsoft, on the sites of the corporation... http://ping.fm/9sjz7
OPSWAT: Microsoft Security Essentials most popular antivirus program among users of the U.S. http://ping.fm/idyp7
Microsoft: The number of extortionists using malicious programs is rapidly increasing http://ping.fm/Wxc9I
The activities of ICANN have been criticized - In the U.S. Department of Commerce requested that ICANN has tightened... http://ping.fm/AZSQY
Russian hacker has won the contest Facebook Hacker Cup - For winning the contest hacker got 5000 dollars and a troph... http://ping.fm/DidEI
Representatives of music and film industry in India oppose blocking pirate sites http://ping.fm/qNuLl
ElcomSoft Analyzes 17 Smartphones’ Secure Password Managers, Finds No Security http://ping.fm/WbkfQ
Australia held a national contest of cybersecurity - The event will be held for the first time in the history of the... http://ping.fm/J8ffl
Kaspersky Lab has detected "incorporeal" bot - According to the research company, the malicious program is entirely ... http://ping.fm/ntnqX
Banner with a message for the author of SOPA - In the area of residence of the author of the bill SOPA will be locat... http://ping.fm/Nxk2S
Barcelona fans were victims of phishing - Phishers stole credentials of users of social network Facebook, creating a... http://ping.fm/hc3Ho
ISPs in U.S. will deal with violators of copyright on the Internet http://ping.fm/tCg4D
Sophos: Anonymous OS can contain viruses - Experts say you should not trust the operating system, allegedly created ... http://ping.fm/CE3A6
Facebook, Apple and Twitter were charged with illegally accessing personal information of users of smartphones http://ping.fm/6sATA
New protection for IE10 - Development Team 10 Internet Explorer continues to acquaint the public with the new browse... http://ping.fm/20b6F
A drop of water turns a smartphone into a microscope - Camera smartphones are becoming better and better, gradually ... http://ping.fm/AbCgf
The myth of the cyberwar - When it comes to these bombs is more powerful than they are so destructive. In the compu... http://ping.fm/6s4Ix
The world's fastest 3D-printer prints 5 meters per second - Scientists at the Technical University of Vienna invente... http://ping.fm/hxefn
Schoolboy hacked website of Space Agency of Kazakhstan - The reason for hacking the hacker site explained that the d... http://ping.fm/JuiOM
The number of attacks on critical U.S. facilities has increased by 782%s
Iranian hackers attacked BBC website - BBC director general has accused Tehran of being involved in a cyber attack. ... http://ping.fm/Ri8Ta
Palestinian hackers broke into the website of the Russian Embassy in Israel http://ping.fm/vdQ0t
Twitter bought bloghosting Posterous - Microblogging service Twitter has acquired bloghosting Posterous. This was re... http://ping.fm/SfDNw
New update of the operating system Oracle Unbreakable Linux - Oracle has released an update for its Linux-distributi... http://ping.fm/QBul6
Hackers steal money from bank accounts of users with stolen IMEI numbers http://ping.fm/XqNly
The trial over the web-censorship in India was postponed to May 2012 http://ping.fm/JfbUO
Hackers have stolen information on the current F-35 fighter jet from the British company http://ping.fm/sRzEk
Microsoft: Virus Dorkbot is actively used to steal bank details http://ping.fm/TL0K9
Linux "stepped over the desktop" - Recently, the Linux community was much discussion of the news that the share of L... http://ping.fm/Yi75c
Kim dotcom: many users of MegaUpload from the U.S. Government http://ping.fm/OZLPS
Kim dotcom: many users of MegaUpload from the U.S. Government http://ping.fm/2qJUu
DirectPass: password manager from Trend Micro - The regiment password managers replenishment. Another similar produc... http://ping.fm/2eCR4
Slow death of cash - The publication Technology Review at MIT has published an interview with David Wallman (David W... http://ping.fm/40nzv
Linux-PC with a sniffer disguised as an electric plug - In the U.S., started a startup Rapid Security Focus , which ... http://ping.fm/cpGGt
The new Xbox could lose the optical drive - New information about the Xbox next generation, known as the Xbox 720 . ... http://ping.fm/FQKMh
Sabu has worked with the FBI after his arrest - The FBI managed to arrest six members of the hacker group LulzSec th... http://ping.fm/Cmdks
Radio Car4G Edge II with the tablet on Android - Car4G company introduced a new model car radio on the system Androi... http://ping.fm/Awojy
E-book Gmini MagicBook R6HD with screen E-Ink Pearl HD - Inroducing the Gmini new device for reading electronic book... http://ping.fm/nKsfO
Hackers have developed jailbreak iOS 5.1 after its release - The new tool allows you to conduct a "tethered" jailbre... http://ping.fm/Qlq9y
Lenovo recalls 160,000 ThinkCentre desktops - Lenovo has officially announced a recall of desktop computers Lenovo T... http://ping.fm/IgBVb
The gaming industry this week. 11.5 March 2012 http://ow.ly/1hYwoy
Riddle framework Duqu - A new programming language component is designed for information exchange between the module... http://ping.fm/hDCIu
Twitter would be like a Facebook for advertising opportunities http://ping.fm/a7oxS
Tajikistan restored access to Facebook - Internet Service Providers Tajikistan regained access to the subscriber soc... http://ping.fm/HYNFp
Dr.Web: A virtual girl from a program I-Girl entices Money users http://ping.fm/QZyaR
Apple has eliminated 81 vulnerabilities in iOS - Most of the vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to execute arbi... http://ping.fm/Jewsz
Security researcher has received $60 thousand from Google - the hacker under the alias PinkiePie took one and a half... http://ping.fm/FSySU
In March 2012 Microsoft plans to release six security bulletins http://ping.fm/oWZSH
Two critical vulnerabilities in IE - A team of specialists Vupen Security has used an exploit on a fully updated Win... http://ping.fm/7uDWt
IBM created an optical processor that can handle terabytes of data per second http://ping.fm/LRz48
Quest Software bought for $2 billion - The developer of software for information management systems, enterprise Ques... http://ping.fm/DX1yI
Anonymous attacked another site - For the second time this week hackers associated with the group Anonymous attacked... http://ping.fm/rlD4Q
Take a virtual wall around the world - Today has started a very interesting startup Wallit , by which some individua... http://ping.fm/o1gLX
Best in the AppStore - Having overcome the mark of 25 billion downloads, app store Apple App Store has decided to ... http://ping.fm/4A3ER
First look at Apple iPad 3 - Apple iPad, the first mobile device, shown after the death of Steve Jobs, the former he... http://ping.fm/WzLiz
Inbound Marketing - Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers. In traditional marketing (... http://ping.fm/ipq25
Website of the Vatican hacked - The hacker group Anonymous March 7 knocked out the official site of the Vatican. It ... http://ping.fm/v97Ge
The Law on Freedom of cybersecurity threat of civil users of the U.S. http://ping.fm/Vq3AL
Failure of Facebook - Social network Facebook has explained the problems with access for European users of technical... http://ping.fm/sWCE8
30000 WordPress blogs infected with malware - The purpose of the attack, which is managed by a highly skilled group ... http://ping.fm/WKZUI
British Internet service provider lost the hearing against the law of Digital Economy Act http://ping.fm/TalEz
Law enforcement agencies have detained leaders of Lulz Security http://ping.fm/oC27N
New vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player - Exploited the vulnerability can be exploited to compromise a MP4 file sy... http://ping.fm/WBYlz
While searching for stolen iPad, San Francisco police exposed a drug gang http://ping.fm/Tu7tl
ASUS Eee Pad Slider SL101: most unusual tablet with sliding keyboard http://ping.fm/MN9UM
Smartphone Panasonic ELUGA power is already possible to pre-order http://ping.fm/HzkdZ
Netbook Navigator Nav13X - Netbook Navigator Company introduced a device called Nav13X. It looks like ultrabook encl... http://ping.fm/q66aH
The joint "cloud" antivirus Panda Security and Microsoft - Panda Security's and Microsoft signed a cooperation agree... http://ping.fm/rH3gA
A series of overclocking memory modules from the ADATA XPG DDR3 1600MHz CL9 8 GB http://ping.fm/dP8Dp
BlackBerry offers the use of conditional knock to unlock phones http://ping.fm/3Inzq
17.3-inch notebook Samsung NP700Z7C-S01US Nike at Ivy Bridge is available for pre-order http://ping.fm/KpXSd
Arctic Alpine 64 CPU Cooler for AMD PLUS - The company Arctic Cooling today announced the launch of the CPU cooler A... http://ping.fm/WWcWf
ASUS expects to receive one of the first Android 5.0 Jelly Bean http://ping.fm/ITJV5
Doctor Web: Trojan.Tenagour.9 helps attackers in DDoS-attacks http://ping.fm/Czo6M
App Store users have downloaded more than 25 billion apps - Number of downloads applications from the App Store has ... http://ping.fm/U2smm
U.S. court approved the search of mobile phones without a warrant http://ping.fm/iKrTB
Tajikistan has blocked Facebook - In Tajikistan, several providers morning of March 3 blocked Facebook , reports new... http://ping.fm/TL5fc
Ireland has adopted a local version of the SOPA - The government has promised that the implementation of the law wil... http://ping.fm/Sjsbz
Mozilla: Collusion will provide data on the surveillance of Internet activity of users http://ping.fm/fM0sY
GFI Labs: Spam the cause of compromised computer systems companies in the U.S. and the UK http://ping.fm/ibvtj
Anonymous found informer in their ranks - The hacker group Anonymous blog of Spanish-language movement delivered a s... http://ping.fm/nMNQj
Anonymous knocked out the site in response to the Interpol arrest http://ping.fm/aR8vj
Chinese users have access to blocked sites - Within two days the people of China to attend the previously blocked we... http://ping.fm/7ZDyc
D35m0nd142 broke UN sites, Skype and Oracle Community - Following the discovery of vulnerabilities in SQL injection ... http://ping.fm/HnauS
Members' Habrahabr "warned of" political "hacking - Accounts for multiple users of collective IT-blog "Habrahabr" ha... http://ping.fm/EVQhp